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YUNDAI 4-Pack Ribbed Boat Fender


Product Description

-4-Pack Ribbed Boat Fender, 6.5x23/ 8.5x27 inch, with Ropes & Inflator, for 20-30 ft.

Boat, Small Sailboat, Ski Boat etc.…

-Stronger protection; less likely to leak. Full-length ribs improves anti-collision ability

greatly. Seamless one-piece construction prevents from splitting up and extends service life.

-Made of high quality PVC, it features anti-corrosion, UV resistance and fastness. Soft and

resilient material prevents bumping on dock or other vessels.

-Packed with one manual inflator and four needles, it’s easy to inflate and deflate as you need.

-Includes 4 x Boat fenders; 4 x ropes; 4 x inflating needles; 1 x inflator





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